About Me

The Early Years

​I've started the first experiments in photography in the early 90's when I lived in Germany. After I bought my first SLR camera with my own money, which was a Canon T60, I was excited about the options of this new gadget. Until this time I only had used conventional pocket cameras (e. g. Agfamatic or similar models) to shoot some pictures during the holidays or family events.

 Then I began to play around with effects and colours, which was simply meant to mount a colour filter in front of the flash light or use a prism in front of the lens to add some flares to the picture. If I was lucky, I could collect the pictures after some days at our local photo shop after paying for them and see the results of my work and of course, some of them went directly into the next bin...

 ​Yes, it was often a waste of money, but for me it was worth it as I enjoyed taking the pictures and presenting them proudly to friends and family.​ As I had to pay for petrol or car insurance and weekly visits in the local discotheque I decided a few years later to sell all my photography gear that I've collected to gain some money. So this was the end of my photography experience and although I regretted the decision on some days, the T60 was my last SLR camera for many years.

Ireland - The New Inspiration

​After I was working as a car mechanic and later as an office clerk in the company of my father I moved to Ireland at the end of September 2011.

 As this country has lots of beautiful places I've started to take more and more pictures of its landscapes, ruins and other gorgeous places, first with my mobile and later on with a bridge camera I bought after I was invited to a wedding. The wedding took place in a beautiful castle and so I wanted to keep some nice memories of the event.

Now I had a better camera and this inspired me to visit more nice places to get some captures. This was also a good chance to travel through the country and enjoy the nature instead of sitting at home. But after some time I wanted better results regarding to picture quality. This brought me to buy a used APSC camera and it was a big difference because now I was able to shoot in RAW what gave me the opportunity of non-destructive editing.

​​ I’ve improved my skills more and more and so I decided to buy a new full frame camera, some lenses, filters and other accessories. This was the moment my hobby became more serious and after I've learned more about various techniques, my dedication paid off. I created a website, sold the first pictures from my online shop.

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